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On July 12th, 2018, Team of GL Information Attended the First “Summit Forum of Smart Supply Chain in Oil and Petrochemical Industry”

Liao Na, the vice President of Shanghai Ganglian Energy & Chemical Information Technology Co.,Ltd.(GL INFO) was invited to attend the first Summit Forum of “Smart Supply Chain in Oil and Petrochemical Industry” on July 12, 2018, held in Jiujiang, Jiangxi Province. Ms. Liao attended the forum and explored the emerging business model of Hazardous Chemical Land Transportation Platforms with KOLs in this area.

Hosted by Sinochem Group, the forum concentrated on the theme of “Intelligence-powered Industry, Technology-focused future”. Against continuous industrial transformation, the forum led discussions on how the Oil and Petrochemical Industry can be powered by internet to facilitate deeper collaborations between upstream and downstream sectors, accelerating a new round of integration.


Leaders form NDRC, Commerce Department of Jiangxi province, Jiujiang municipal government and other relevant official departments attended the forum and delivered speeches. Attendance are over 400 representatives of shippers, whoactively performs in Sinochem Energy High-tech’s smart supply chain system , including Ningbo Zhongjin Petrochemical, Shell Oil, Zhongji China Base Ningbo Group, Zhejiang Materials Petrochemical., Dongming Petrochemical, and Shandong Fuhai Petrochemical.


At the shifting period of Chinese GDP growth, the oil and petrochemical industry faces multiple challenges such as low production efficiency, lack of innovation, increasing production and operation costs, stringent requirements on safety and environmental protection, etc.. It is crucial to accelerate the transformation and upgrade of this industry by digitalization and the utilization of the Internet, Big Data, as well as Artificial Intelligence.


It has become one of the development trend of the industry from centralized to de-centralized business environment. The new business platforms aggregate industry players through internet, and restructure the relationships among crude oil producers, traders, refineries, wholesalers, retailers, and chemical plants.


 Ms. Na Liao shared some platform-building experience of GL Info’s parent company, Shanghai Ganglian Holdings (SZSE: 300226), in the sub-forum of exploring the emerging business model of Hazardous Chemical Land Transportation Platforms. As an informatics enterprise focusing on creating an ecological closed-loop business platform for ferrous and non-ferrous metals industry, Shanghai Ganglian Holdings rooted from information business, gradually expanding its business portfolio to trading, warehousing, and supply chain financing, resulting in the establishment of a new brand known as Banksteel.com.


With the goal of enhancing customer loyalty, Shanghai Ganglian Holdings(SZSE: 300226) gradually addressed pain points of its clients while achieving each milestone along its development progress. It brought out innovated solutions, thus forming a systematic information flow throughout different business units.  


When setting up a new platform, the key question that we need to take a thorough thought is how to support enterprises in making quick and correct decisions for minimizing the intermediate processes and reducing costs. The answer might lie in connecting information dots from sectors of trading and logistics, as well as external information sources.     


 Finally, Ms. Liao emphasized that the partnership between platforms allowing more interactions and information sharing is the main consideration when exploring new platform opportunities and wished to discuss more should the time was allowed.