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On June 20th, 2018, Team of GL Information Attended the Re-election General Meeting of Zhoushan Petroleum Association and the Oil Value Chain Development Forum of Zhejiang Free Trade Zone

At the invitation of Zhoushan petroleum association, Liao Na, the vice President of Shanghai Ganglian Energy & Chemical Information Technology Co.,Ltd.(GL INFO), delivered a keynote speech on Opportunities and Challenges of the China Bonded Bunker Market and jointly discussed with industrial players on the development of business opportunities across the full oil value chain within the Zhejiang Free Trade Zone.

At the meeting, representatives of Zhoushan Petroleum Industry Association reported the annual work summary of 2017 and elected the new President, vice President, secretary general and governing units.

Representatives from five enterprises, including General Coordination Bureau of Zhejiang Pilot Free-trade Zone, Bonded Zone Management Committee o Zhoushan Port, Management Committee of Zhoushan Eco-friendly Petrochemical Base, Chimbusco Zhoushan and GL INFO, respectively made keynote speeches and exchanged their views on developing the market opportunities across the full oil value chain within the free-trade zone.

Xu Xiaoyue, the vice mayor of Zhoushan, reasserted the significance of "three one" target -- 100 million tons of oil reserves, 100 million tons of oil refining capacity, 100 million tons of trading capacity.

He said:” Zhoushan enjoys the best historical opportunity for the development of the oil industry at the present. Zhoushan has become the pioneer of national oil and gas industry reform and opening-up. Zhoushan has won a number of preferential oil and gas reform and opening-up pilot policies, and will continue to get more policy dividends in the future. I hope entrepreneurs can seize the opportunity to capitalize on the new business environment.”